About Us

 My name is Kristin and my husband, George, and I, own St. Louis Doodle Ranch. We breed Bernedoodles (and in the future Goldendoodles) and if you aren't familiar with the hybrid breed; they are incredibly smart and in our experience, very easy to train. We fell in love with Bernedoodles, well really, all doodles and we knew that we had to help better the doodle community. This was 10 years ago and here we are expecting our first litter April 17th, 2022!

           I grew up on a farm caring for all types of animals. I learned the basics of breeding, whelping, and caring for sick and injured animals as a young child.  It was never "work" for me because I loved the animals so much. With our furry family members, it is the same. Our dogs are our family. We love them and they are cared for very well. They do not sleep in kennels. On any given evening, will find them in bed with one of our children or with us cuddling and getting all the attention they could hope for (and they like a lot). 

      We have two special needs children and when they were little, we could not afford to have a dog trained for them. It was at that time we decided that we wanted to find a way to help other families like ours. When we fell in love with doodles, and decided breed them, we decided we would donate dogs from each litter to be trained for service dogs.  These chosen puppies will trained and given to members of the community that would not able to afford a service dog in regular circumstances. Of course, the others in the litters will be available to our clients. 

        Our goal main is to better this beautiful breed of dogs. Is it important to us that we provide healthy, beautiful, family companions for our clients. Both parents are genetically health tested. We are responsible breeders who are breeding for health and temperament first, beauty second. Lets be honest, the beauty comes on it's own. I have never met an "ugly" doodle.

         Our Dam, Luna, and our Sire, Jack, have not had hips/elbows done yet as she is only just two years old and our Sire is only 1.5 years old but, the grandparents in both pedigrees tested "clear/good". Our Sire is a Standard Poodle and he is CKC registered (purebred) and our Dam is a Bernedoodle and is in the process of being registered with CKC. All of our puppies will go home to their forever families with all required shots,  be de-wormed, up to date on shots, and will be microchipped. We will also begin basic training and crate training for when they go home.

We hope to bring a healthy, beautiful pet into your home that will provide you years of love and happiness. We also help many families over the coming years by providing service animals to help our special need community. Both the puppies and their owners will be better off with the love they give to each other.  This is a cause very close to our hearts and we appreciate your support. It is an honor to serve our community in this way.

Warmest Regards,

Kristin and George