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Luna (Dam)

Luna is 2 years old. She is genetically health tested and is clear. She is a sweet, loving, dog. She is so smart. When we brought her home at 9 weeks old, it only took her an hour and a half to learn bell training and she never had an accident in the house. She went to obedience school for training and picked up on everything every quickly. She adores being cuddled and always wants to be touched by her humans. She enjoys lounging on the couch, going for walks, and playing fetch. She loves other animals as well. She was very easy to train. At 9 weeks old she bell trained in 1.5 hours! She never had an accident in the house. She is a gentle giant (65 lbs) and is truly one of the best dogs we have ever owned. She is in the process of being registered through CKC. 

Her Cost Traits are as follows:

n/at (one copy of tan points/tri color gene), B/b (carries one copy of brown and can pass on to future offspring), D/D (negative for dilution gene), E/e (Carries a copy of yellow gene and can pass on to future off spring), n/KB (one copy of dominant black gene), N/S (carries one copy of the MITF variant associate with parti color in some breeds), C/C (curly coat), N/F (carries one copy of furnishings gene), 

Jack (Sire)

Jack is a 1 year old Standard Poodle and is full of energy. He is genetically health tested and is clear. He loves to play outside, go for walks, loves to chase squirrels, and also loves to cuddle beside his humans. He is very cuddly and want to always have his paw touching us or our hands on him. He loves a good bone and is crazy about treats, I mean really crazy. He is very smart and was incredibly easy to train and he loves water. Bath time for Jack is like a relaxing spa day. In the evenings, you will find Jack searching for a place beside Luna where he too can get cuddles and love from his humans and her. He hates to be away from her. He also loves other animals of all kinds. He adores our children and grandchildren and loves to have fun. Jack is registered through CKC (Purebred Std. Poodle). 

His Coat Traits are as follows:

Ay/At (Sable/Fawn (Carries black and tan/Tricolor)), N/As (Saddle Tan/Creeping (non saddle Tan carrier), B/b (Black coat, nose, and foot pads) Carries Brown), Cuc/Cuc (Curly coat), E/E (Black), F/F (Furnishings), ky/ky (Agouti expression allowed), Lh/Lh ( Long Haired), m/m (non Merle), Sp/Sp ( nearly solid white, Parti, or Piebald),